Biomass Cogeneration


Biomass Systems

The rural poor caused by climate change is at risk of being seriously damaged and the climate change has been badly affecting our planet in terms of depleting natural resources. UTICA SG would like to promote a new bio-mass clean energy which is carbon neutral and reduces carbon dioxide to help fight GHG and CO2 emission.

Since fossil energy is depleting at a massive rate, biomass can counter the lack of fossil energy sources. Biomass energy can be harvested from solar and water energy, along with energy from waste. Apart from this, consumers are able to use Jatropha seeds, corn oil or palm oil to produce Bio-Diesel Fuel (BDF).

To produce biomass products, food waste, raw garbage and bio mass (oil seeds) go through UTICA® Superheating Steam System. Once the process is completed, there is an extraction for Biofuel, Bio-char and Bio-gas.

Biofuel extraction leads to BDF, power generation and rural electrification. Bio-char, however, can be used as cooking fuel, or help with soil and water improvement, along with many other uses.

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  • Overview
    Biomass Generator System

    • Capacity 60kVA power generation
    • Working temperature 400°C
    • Biofuel extraction at 200°C to 350°C
    • Bio-Char extraction at 350°C to 500°C
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