Brief History

Corporate Milestones from 2008 to 2014

2008 – Utica Private Limited (“UTICA SG”) was officially incorporated as a limited liability company in April 5th 2008. UTICA was derived from our abbreviated slogan of Ultimate Technology In Conservation Applications.

2008 – UTICA® is a global registered trademark of UTICA SG in renewable energy generations and portable consumer products.

2008 – In August, UTICA SG was the appointed China distributor for Interfalz GMBH & CO. KG that is an expert in building solutions. The Ferrari World Experience in Abu Dhabi is the largest space frame structure in the world. Interfalz constructed the cladding and furnishing of the buildings’ roof with their own unique invention, the FALZ-RIPP® profile.

2008 – In November, UTICA SG enters into cooperation with EUROPERFIL® in China and Singapore. Europerfil S.A. belongs to the Bouygues Construction Group and ArcelorMittal Group, world leaders in the building technology and steel industry. With over forty years of experience in the metal claddings sector, EUROPERFIL® is a leader architectural PV façade.

2009 – In September, Utica Solar was established for large PV utility-scale projects. Utica Solar joint-venture with Utica Energy Cambodia Ltd that is based in Phnom Penh to develop IPP utility-scale photovoltaic power plants in Cambodia and Vietnam to provide stable rural electrification. August 2009, Utica Solar’s co-founder Mr. Douglas Lee passed away. The supervisory board, the executive board and the staff of Utica Energy Group mourn the death of Mr. Douglas Lee.

2009 – In December, inspired by Spanish efficiency specifications, the first generation of UTICA™ photovoltaic MobileGrid generator was launched.

2010 – In June, Khind Systems Singapore Pte Ltd is a premier authorized distributor of UTICA™ Products. Khind Systems is a wholly own company of KLSE mainboard listed KHIND HOLDINGS BERHAD. As a distributor of world-class electrical appliances across Singapore and exports to over 50 countries worldwide, Khind Systems has a proven track record of strong network distribution infrastructure.

2010 – In December, the second generation of UTICA™ photovoltaic MobileGrid generator was launched for the isolated off-grid markets.

2011 – In April, Trio-Tech International and UTICA SG jointly cooperate in the development and manufacturing of 500 series MobileGrid under the label of Solar TTU Mobile for Singapore and Thailand. TRIO-TECH INTERNATIONAL INC. is listed on the American Stock Exchange and trades under the symbol, “TRT”. Trio-Tech is a leading provider of semiconductor testing for more than 45 years. With significant milestones in achieving internationally recognized quality awards such as QS 9000, ISO 9001-2008, ISO/TS16949:2002 certification, ISP 14001:2004 certification, ISO 17025 certification, and bizSAFE Level 3 workplace safety and health standard.

2011 – In August, the design and specification of UTICA™ photovoltaic MobileGrid generator was improved. The products had its performance increased and weight reduced. Upgrade services will be offered to existing clients.

2011 – In September, UTICA SG produces prototype wind powered MobileGrid series. The vertical axis turbine is capable of generating from 1000W to 5000W peak electricity. With its state of the art robust aerodynamic and structrual mechanics vertical turbine design, UTICA™ Wind powered MobileGrid is quiet, efficient, economical and perfect for residential energy production, especially in urban building environments.

2012 – January, the launched of UTICA™ first photovoltaic grid-tied inverter. PV6 inverter is a partnership with an established power solutions provider. UTICA SG is pleased to offer our most powerful and efficient 6kW PV inverter. Please view the technical specification of PV6.

2013 – November, the launched of UTICA® SPD. Lightning strikes are common cause of failures in photovoltaic/ solar energy systems. A damaging power surge can occur from direct lightning strike or near distance from the renewable energy system. Most lightning damage is preventable. Developed by UTICA SG, UTICA® Surge Protection Device is designed to divert voltage spikes caused by lightning storms and effectively allow the power surge to bypass main cables lines and your equipment.

2014 – August, the launched of UTICA® Douglas Power (model: 1210). UTICA SG has developed an affordable and reliable solution for natural disasters and electricity blackouts situations. Having Douglas Power at your home and business premise will provide the necessity power for your cellular phone, mini devices and LED lights for the evening hours.