UTICA® Products Distributor

A growing number of individuals and companies are interested in getting into the renewable energy business. Given the accelerating worldwide interest in renewable energy – and the desire to contribute to making a greener world – this infusion of people into the industry is understandable and welcome.

If you have what it takes to launch a solar dealership and/or solar integration business in this rapidly growing competitive renewable energy marketplace, UTICA SG stands ready to help you learn and succeed. Over the years we have assisted startup renewable energy dealerships, solar installers, solar systems integrators, online renewable energy web stores, and a variety of specialty solar resellers.

We look for entrepreneurs who share our commitment to excellence and exhibit high standards of personal and business integrity. Commitment to the UTICA SG, dependability, problem-solving skills and resourcefulness are just a few of the core competencies that we seek.

Equally important are the traits of leadership and the ability to set and meet challenging targets. See what sets us apart from other renewable energy wholesalers and explore how we can help your business grow.

If you have already decided to apply to become an authorized UTICA SG distributor, please contact us at distributor@utica.sg