Frequently Asked Questions

Information on Utica Solar Systems

What is the estimated UTICA™ products order cycle time?
20 Working Days (from the time UTICA SG receives your order until delivery)

Just In Time Production Activity

Working Day 1, UTICA SG receives your order
Working Day 2-6, UTICA SG confirms your order and prepares the necessary materials and components for manufacturing.
Working Day 7-15, System in production. Delays may occur at this stage if there are part shortages.
Working Day 16-20, System leaves UTICA SG’s factory and is handed over to logistic company for delivery to your specific delivery address.

What is solar energy?
Solar energy takes advantage of the sunlight to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.

How do solar photovoltaic cells work?
In layperson terms, photovoltaic cells are comprised of a semiconductor material such as silicon. Added to the silicon are the elements phosphorous and boron which create conductivity within the cell and activate the movement of electrons. The electrons move across the cell when activated by the sunlight’s energy into the electrical circuit hooked up to the solar panel.

What is the difference between solar panels versus building integrated photovoltaic products?
Solar panels are flat panels of photovoltaic arrays mounted on a roof or a pole to capture the sun’s rays. Building integrated photovoltaic materials are PV arrays that are integrated into the building material itself, primarily windows, roof tiles, or walls. Solar panels work well for retrofits or remodels while BIPV are appropriate for new construction or a major renovation.

How much does a solar electric power system cost?
A 100kWp solar electric system will cost approximately S$410,000. That total includes the cost for all components – solar modules, panel mountings, and PV inverter – and labor associated with installation. It does not reflect all the avoided costs, such as the tax breaks and the credits received through net metering.

How much will I really save on my utility bills from a home electric solar power system?
Of course this is a relative question. It depends, in part, on how much electricity you use and how efficient the appliances are that you operate. That said expect to generate excess electricity in the summer (when days are long) which can potentially offset the energy you use from the grid in the winter. A combination of energy efficient appliances and LED lightings can help reduce your homes energy bill by over 50% to 100%.

How much maintenance do solar energy panels require?
Solar photovoltaic panels require little maintenance – no need to wash or dust. It is, however, important to place panels where they will remain clear of shade and debris. Thus you will have to wipe them off if too much snow or leaves fall on them.  Solar thermal hot water collection arrays don’t need much attention either. It does help to periodically use a window wash brush, biodegradable soap, and water to clean the tubes.

Can I use a financing system?
Yes. Consider using UTICA SG’s solar energy financing for the purchase and installation costs of a solar energy system and take full advantage of Greenmark points and tax deductions. Solar energy systems are viewed as a major building energy savings upgrade and there are financial tools out there that reward you for your efforts.

Do I need special insurance requirements?
Standard building’s insurance policies usually suffice to meet electric utility requirements. Electric utilities usually require that owners who take advantage of net metering sign a grid-tied agreement.

Will I need a building permit to install a solar energy system in my home?
Yes. You will need to obtain building permits to install a solar photovoltaic or solar hot water system. Similarly, building, electrical, and plumbing codes also apply. That said, residential solar power systems do not use “radical” building techniques and most jurisdictions have building codes that fully embrace solar energy technology.

What is a net meter?
Net meters look very much like other outdoor meters with one notable exception – they rotate both forwards (for imports) and backwards (for export) recording both the power produced and power used.

Do I need battery backup for my solar energy systems?
Probably not – a backup battery bank can add as much as 35% in cost to a solar energy system. UTICA SG has PV MobileGrid generators for batteries required solar energy systems.

What other factors are important to consider when installing a solar energy system?
The location of the building or ground area and the local climate will play into where you position and how you install your solar energy system or solar thermal system. Wind speeds, hails, and salt water can all affect a photovoltaic array. Understanding how those inputs effect performance will determine the types of metal mounts, how the arrays are angled or types of IPPU or systems to apply.




UTICA® Products Warranty

Limited Products and Installation Services Warranty
Utica Private Limited (“UTICA SG”) warrants UTICA™ products and installation services of UTICA SG related to the system owner’s photovoltaic modules and inverters (collectively, the “solar energy system”) to be free from defects in the installation services under normal application, use, and service conditions for a period of five (05) years from the first date of the original installation services. If a solar system malfunctions or becomes inoperable due to defective or improper installation services of UTICA SG during the five year period of this warranty, UTICA SG will provide the service to determine the cause of the defect and resolve the defect through re-performance of the defective or improper installation services or replacement of a component, as, and to the extent, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This limited warranty, shall transfer from the original buyer/end user to subsequent buyers/end users for the remainder of the warranty term provided the solar system is not moved or relocated from its originally installed location.

Warranty Exclusions
If, in UTICA SG’s sole judgment, a solar energy system has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident or has been damaged through abuse, alteration, failure to follow UTICA SG’s or the manufacturers’ operation or maintenance instructions, or repaired by anyone other than UTICA SG and its authorized distributors and integrators, this warranty will not be applicable. This warranty will also not cover damage due to acts of God, power failures, lightning, fire, flood, severe weather, hailstorms, insect and pest infestation, and other events reasonably beyond UTICA SG’s control. Warranty coverage does not include any transportation costs for return of components or for reshipment of any repaired or replaced components.

Limitations of Warranty and Liability
UTICA SG makes no warranties whatsoever regarding the component parts and batteries of the solar energy system. However, UTICA SG does, for solar energy system components purchased through UTICA SG, hereby assign and pass through to the system owner all manufacturers’ warranties for the component parts of the solar energy system, to the greatest extent such warranties are assignable. Damage to persons or property or other loss or injury resulting from defects in the solar system or use thereof shall not be the responsibility of UTICA SG. UTICA SG will not under any circumstances be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature, whether based on contract, tort or other legal theory including, without limitation, business interruption costs, removal and/or reinstallation costs, re-procurement costs, loss of profit or revenue, loss of data, promotional or manufacturing expenses, overhead charges, injury to business reputation or loss of customers, even if UTICA SG has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. In all cases, UTICA SG’s total liability will be limited to the price of services performed by UTICA SG. NO IMPLIED STATUTORY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL APPLY TO UTICA SG’S INSTALLATION SERVICES.

Warranty Claim Procedure
Claims under this warranty will be considered if submitted by registered or certified mail to UTICA SG Warranty Claims Department, 101 Kitchener Road, #02-07, Singapore 208511 within 60 days following the discovery of any defect covered by this warranty, with specific details in email to and provided UTICA SG or its agents are permitted a commercially reasonable opportunity to examine and analyze the workmanship claimed to be defective. An authorized representative of UTICA SG must approve any claim in writing. THIS WARRANTY, WHICH IS LIMITED AS INDICATED ABOVE, PROVIDES SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE AND COUNTRY TO COUNTRY.