Invesure® Connections
Empowering Global Renewable Connections

Having an opportunity to co-own a Utility-Scale Solar Power Plant is a dream, but now a possible reality. UTICA SG strategy is to reach a broader market for alternative energy investors across the globe. Invesure® Private Placement offers direct ownership of renewable energy utility-scale projects. Investors can now become developers/ co-owners in a renewable energy power plant with a modest investment amount.

The main three reasons that people want to invest in renewable energy. First is to save up on power expenses by relying fully or partially on renewable energy systems to derive electricity. Second is to become more environmental friendly and lastly is to generate constant power for income streams for up to 30 years. No matter what the reasons may be, you can take advantage by participating in our renewable energy projects in Singapore, China, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Invesure® is a renewable energy network, a registered mark of UTICA SG. Invesure® Connections members works closely with each other and corporate financiers in viable PPA, solar energy leasing and renewable energy opportunities. All project investments are transparent, audited and carefully planned; however, there will always be business risks involved, which UTICA SG will also undertake with the investors.

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We invite interested individuals, private investors, and accredited corporate financiers who seek excellent returns to join us. It is easy to join Invesure® Connections. Just add and follow us on our Facebook by clicking on “Likes”. We’ll keep you updated with project opportunities and let you know how you can get involved.

UTICA SG treats all information strictly private and confidential. For more information on Invesure, please write to