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18 January 2016 UTICA® Douglas X
UTICA SG has developed Douglas X. It is powerful, deployable, safe and silent micro-powered solar energy generation. Use for indoor or outdoor to backup domestic electrical appliances including mini refrigerators, laptop computers and general home equipment. Storage of 780 watts of power. Your ideal backup emergency solar powered generator. No noise, no fumes, no gasoline, no wasted power. Charge from the sunlight with high-performance solar modules.


31 August 2014 – Channel 8 News
Singapore’s MediaCorp Channel 8 News, journalist Ms. Wee Leng interviewing Mr. Andy Lim the project director of UTICA SG. Andy explains in Mandarin that solar energy is now more feasible and effective for the use in private houses, schools, government buildings and factories. With UTICA SG’s proprietary technology, we are able to lower the systems integration cost and increase the efficiency of our solar energy systems.


9 August 2014 – UTICA® Douglas Power
A growing number of natural disasters and electricity blackouts in recent years have probably put preparedness on your radar. UTICA SG has developed an affordable and reliable solution for these situations. Having Douglas Power at your home and business premise will provide the necessity power for your cellular phone, mini devices and LED lights for the evening hours.


23 November 2013 – UTICA® Surge Protection Device
Lightning strikes are common cause of failures in photovoltaic/ solar energy systems. A damaging power surge can occur from direct lightning strike or near distance from the renewable energy system. Most lightning damage is preventable. UTICA® Surge Protection Device is designed to divert voltage spikes caused by lightning storms and effectively allow the power surge to bypass main cables and your equipment. DC and AC rated Surge Protection Device must be installed before and after the inverting energy system.


18 March 2012 – 6kW Grid-Tied Photovoltaic Inverter
The launch of UTICA™ second generation of photovoltaic grid-tie inverter. PV6 is the latest highly reliable and efficient professional 6000W DC-AC PV inverter based on our proprietary technologies.


10 February 2012 – IPPU Powered PV MobileGrid 3000-1600
Latest upgraded version of PV MobileGrid 3000 series for prefab modular houses and intermodal container. More electricity is consumed during the night and lights and aircon are switched on. The generated electricity stored is then consumed within 24hrs thanks to a intelligent controller, which manages and backs up the system.


20 December 2011 – IPPU Powered PV MobileGrid 500-400
Many houses or even entire villages worldwide are still not connected to the electrical grid due to their geographical location or excessive costs involved in developing the electrical grid in these countries.
The lastest upgrade version of the affordable MobileGrid 500 series for rural locations. During the day, the high performance solar panels produce energy, stored immediately in a battery. The smart PV inverter operates constantly and provides electric power to meet the instantaneous demand.