Solar Energy Economics


Minimize Levelized Cost of Energy

Solar energy is based on economics and real environmental issues. While the price of renewable energy has dropped dramatically over the last decade, electricity prices have skyrocketed – and the price hikes will continue.

Renewable energy economics concerns the application of economic solutions and methods in regards to issues of engineering, geology, political, ecology, energy policies, as well as the interactions between energy and other issues, such as the environment and finance.

You will be able to generate electricity long-term at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility company – This is a major economic advantage with your own renewable energy generation. On-grid tariffs convert the generated electricity into revenue by selling the surplus power back to the building’s tenant, or to the electricity company (applicable for some countries only).

To maximize the benefits of our renewable energy, advanced and reliable technologies must be matched with optimal financing and incentives. UTICA SG applies energy economics expertise to manage the complexity of financing for our industrial and commercial customers. Our established financial relationships with private investors and experience in government incentives enables us to ensure that each customer receives maximum return from renewable energy.

UTICA SG specializes in helping organizations capitalize on new ‘green’ market opportunities, and improve energy efficiency and environmental performance in business operations. For professional renewable energy projects, our economists will research and study the following issues:

• Climate change and environmental policy
• Total operating costs studies
• Research on sustainability technologies
• Feasibility Studies
• Energy markets and liberalization or regulated markets
• Renewable energy demand response
• Renewable energy growth model
• Renewable energy elasticity
• Forecasting of renewable energy demand
• Elasticity of supply and demand in the renewable energy market
• Social return on renewable energy investment
• Forecast energy prices
• Political and environment energy reports
• Research and analysis of equipment manufacturers and warranties
• Study of global horizontal irradiance and direct normal irradiance

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