Solar Energy Financing

Photovoltaic Systems at an Affordable Financing Plans

Difference Between Purchasing a Solar Energy System Outright and Financing

Many people want solar for their property, but don’t want to spend upwards of S$60,000 to purchase a solar energy system. UTICA SG’s solar financing plans make industrial, commercial and residential solar energy more affordable.

UTICA SG will purchase the system for you and because we own the solar system, we take complete care of it, including maintenance, repairs, monitoring and insurance.

In the past property owners did not have an option of solar financing. They had to absorb the initial high cost of solar systems. Even though solar systems are beginning to become more affordable, there will still be the matter of services and maintenance.

Compared to purchasing a solar photovoltaic system outright:

– Avoidance of solar system maintenance costs and hassles
– Lesser cash paid upfront (up to 50% deposit required)
– Pay-As-You-Use for energy produced by the system
– An option of upgrading your solar energy system for free

Paying Upfront

By financing with UTICA SG, you are able to acquire the same system for only 50% of the outright purchase price. You will be able to invest the extra money to generate more interest from the bank, make other investments, or even go on the holiday you have always planned for. Imagine the satisfaction you will get from all the savings!

Solar Financing Advantage

With UTICA SG, you will benefit from a new way of solar financing.

You will only have to pay for the power that the system has generated and not the cost of the entire solar system, which means that you do not have to make the huge initial investment to go green.

UTICA SG owns the equipment and is responsible for repairs, such as inverter replacement. Our all-inclusive system coverage protects against damage or theft.

Pay As You Save

You need only pay for the electricity your system has produced, and nothing more —just like your utility bill.

For solar financing plans, you pay a fixed amount every month for your solar energy system. You pay the same each month, regardless of how much energy your system produces. As for the power purchase agreement (PPA), you pay only for the electricity your solar energy system produces each month (long-term 20 years contract with land/rooftop agreement).

Your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. Historically, utility rates have increased over 4% to 6% every year. With a UTICA SG solar financing plans, you can lock in lower electricity rates for the term of your contract.

Comparison to the Power Grid Tariff

The main alternative to solar power is staying with your current utility company. In a way, you already have a “long-term” contact with your utility company and will continue to pay the published tariff rate from the utility company.

Electricity prices are at an all time high and it will keep going up. With UTICA SG solar financing plans, you have the choice to pay less for green power coming right from your very own roof, external building surfaces or garden.

You can avoid the usual high cost of solar because UTICA SG participate with you and makes solar energy much more affordable and convenient.


Roof’s Power Potential
Empty roof of buildings can be transformed into solar energy power plants. UTICA SG has the expertise to integrate high efficient solar energy systems for all types of roof surfaces.

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