Systems Integration



Installation & Integration of Component Subsystems

System Integration is the process of bringing two or more renewable energy systems together, with each system specializing in their individual capabilities, into a single robust system that harnesses it. An example of this would be a photovoltaic energy system combined with national power-grid or wind turbine generators, and or biofuel generators.

Utica Electric Group has a team of qualified professional engineers and technical contractors qualified for the construction of solar structures, installation of all required materials and equipments. The systems integration is installed to comply with government regulations, electricity codes and test approved components.

Utica Electric Group performs all necessary work to design, engineer, procure, and construct the ultimate renewable energy system. Our scope includes providing all applications, studies, engineering, submittals, equipment, labor, materials, commissioning and testing necessary to complete the grid connection.

After the completion system installation, we conduct a series of testing procedures in order to certify the performance of the entire system and its components. Utica Electric Group will ensure that the end product is complete, commissions the operational renewable electric generating system, and all equipment meets and exceeds the minimum technical specifications agreed upon with the client.

Our operations and maintenance engineers will ensure ongoing profitability for system owners. Services include project administration, full-service maintenance, spare parts procurement, remote monitoring and operations management and scheduled maintenance

Turn-key Solutions include:

• Project Management
• BIPV Architectural
• Site Survey
• Electrical Engineering
• Balance of System (BOS) • Systems Integration
• System Optimization
• Testing & Commissioning
• Energy Management System • Performance Verification
• System Documentation
• Service & Maintenance
• Medium & High Voltage
• Electrical Applications

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