Team Members

kennethKenneth Chng, Founder & CEO         


Kenneth has over 10 years experience in the construction materials and BIPV industry.
He has been involved in various aspects, such as business development, marketing, investment analysis, project management and systems integration.

Prior to founding the company, Kenneth was a Business Development Director of a leading building materials company in Singapore and a partner of an interactive based investment startup in San Francisco. As a trained economist, he has a vast knowledge of renewable energy and technologies. He has a B.Sc. in Economics with Computer Science background.




Alvynn LimAlvynn Lim, Director

Alvynn oversees UticAsia’s special projects business. His education background consists of mechanical engineering with an expertise in renewable energy systems and PV systems integration. He has successfully commissioned numerous projects locally and overseas, including Singapore’s first riverside micro powered wind system.





BK TohBK Toh, Director

BK Toh manages UticAsia’s special project operations. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and also professionally trained in PV system design, planning and development. He is also familiar with the regulatory requirement of operating large-scale solar power plants in the region.





May Cai, General Manager

May Cai manages solar energy construction management. She has managed large power station grade solar installations and has successfully coordinated numerous of photovoltaic projects in
Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and China. She has a vast experience in ground mounted PV systems integration.




jessie heJessie He, Engineering Manager

Jessie is a trained electrical engineer and licensed PV integrator. She has over
5 years of field experience.

She has an extensive background in electrical engineering, system designing, project
operation, integration of photovoltaic systems and solutions. She has the ability to design and manage complex BIPV projects.




jacky-uticaJacky He, Manager 

Jacky is a trained quality engineer. She has over 6 years of experience in the solar industry, specializing in solar energy systems design and products development. She manages sales and technical support for UTICA® products. Her background is a production engineering.




TOSHIBA Exif JPEGKrystal Zhang, Marketing Manager

Krystal manages marketing for the company with the focus in UTICA® solar energy systems.
As the marketing manager for the company, she is responsible for
renewable energy research & products development, components procurement and for inventory and price management.




UTICAYap L.C, Senior Project Manager

L.C Yap’s background consists of electrical engineering and operations management. He has valuable experience in PV systems integration and is currently in charge of Utica Electric Group’s grid connected utility-scale solar projects.




lydia-uticaLydia Liang, Managing Director

Lydia oversees the company’s development in the business of renewable energy. Her expertise is solar energy systems design and schematic diagrams. As a trained PV systems engineer, she is able to develop a balance complete operational solar energy system.





laiLai Kwok Cheong, Associated Distributor

Kwok Cheong has 25 years of electrical products marketing and distribution experience.
He manages the UTICA® products sales. Mr. Lai is a senior management in KHIND Systems (S) Pte Ltd, a wholly own company of KLSE mainboard listed corporation KHIND Holdings Berhad. KHIND is an exclusive cooperative partner of UTICA SG.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlfredo Gargantilla, PV Consultant

Alfredo, co-founder of Utica Solar Systems®, is an expert in renewable energy, specializing
in R&D engineering, design and install of energy efficiency and renewable energy. As an
independent consultant, he has managed the developed renewable energy solutions and
project proposals for the company. Alfredo is a professional engineer with a MBA from
IESE Business School.




sasha2Sasha Rouse, Interactive Marketing

Sasha’s education background consists of industrial and operations management. She
has valuable experience in facilities management and is currently in charge of web-based
interactive activities and marketing support for distributors. She is a co-founder of Utica
Lights, a renewable energy foundation for the needy community.



kateKate Marshall, Project Coordinator

Kate is a business graduate with vast background in customer service and is currently in
charge of coordinating projects for Utica Energy Group. She attend to site meetings and
organize project timeline and schedule.



pin2Wong W.P, Assistant Project Manager

Wong is a professional solar integrator. He is Utica Electric Group’s lead project manager. Wong oversees
all overseas PV projects and is a licensed electrician and approved safety officer. He has over 17 years of electrical installation and PV technical experience.




john_cordewellJohn Cordwell, Maintenance Consultant

John is a trained electrical engineer with an expertise of chemical treatments for glass
surfaces and building materials. He is a engineering director for Australian based Dry Treat Inc. and manages solar panel’s glass treatments and quality.