Renewable Energy is Sustainable and Practical

Given current growth and consumption rates, we are rapidly exhausting the world’s supply of fossil fuels. Presently about 90% of the world’s energy consumption is derived from the combustion of fossil fuels. Ironically, these fossil fuels are our oldest form of solar energy, as the sun’s rays formed these fossil fuel substances millions of years ago.

Today, however, we no longer have to wait millions of years to harness energy from the sun. With UTICA® MobileGrid and Douglas Power, we are able to generate solar power from the sun’s ray immediately. UTICA SG and its stakeholders are constantly innovating UTICA® products. Our engineers have developed intelligent Power Processing Unit or in short the IPPU for portable solar energy systems.

Also, currently UTICA SG is developing solar powered integrated consumer products that is innovative, environmentally friendly, energy saving and self-powered. Consumer products powered by UTICA® Renewable Energy Technology consumes less power than similar products, resulting in generating less waste power, better energy management and more electricity savings.

Renewable Integrated Products following objectives:

  • Selecting materials from responsible sources
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to global climate change
  • Saving limited fossil fuel resources
  • Preserving fresh water through reductions in demand
  • Reducing the solid waste
  • Product environmental innovation
  • Environmental innovation design
  • Able to generating renewable electricity


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