Utility Scale Solar PV


Site and Project Assessment, Design and Optimization, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning, and Maintenance

UTICA SG develops and operates microgrid utility-tied solar power generating facilities. We work directly with project financiers and energy companies to provide UTICA™ Solar Systems on their rooftops, carports, or available land. We can provide your business with a minimum upfront cost solutions in the form of financing contract and power purchase agreement (PPA), or design and build a system to be directly acquired by you.

Our typical solar energy power plants start at 1MWp and occupy between 5,700 and 7,700 sq. meter of space and include both net metering systems and direct utility grid-tie projects. At UTICA SG, we pride ourselves on giving customers realistic forecasts on energy pricing and potential savings including when you will start to see a return on your investment.

As a renewable energy developer, UTICA SG and associates have a broad expertise and experience in developing utility-scale renewable power plants. Our analytical tools are able to accurately predict energy production and financial payback. Our proven methods, combined with the integration of the most reliable technology, ensure that our photovoltaic energy systems deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

Our EPCC system integrators and affiliated partners are BizSafe Star, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OSHAS 18001 certified. We also work closely with our contract manufacturers to ensure that all equipments meet the approved specifications and IEC codes, are easy to maintain, are made to last, and are environmentally friendly.

The following are the guidelines for the preparation of renewable energy generation plant EPCC and O&M Contracts. The scope of work presented below is a general guideline and a more detailed scope of supply with complete deliveries will be based on the PPA.

For further information, please write to epcc@utica.sg


1. EPCC Renewable Energy Contract

Electrical, transformers, switchyard, etc.
Instrumentation and metering
Civil engineering
Interconnection facilities
SCADA, as built drawing
Communication systems
All necessary procurement of equipment, material, tools, consumable etc for the meeting of renewable energy power plant operational date.
Transportation all equipment to site
Construction and Integration
Preparation of site
Civil construction including access roads, dike walls, crane pads, etc.
Electrical construction as per PPA requirements
Erection of all mechanical equipment as per PPA
Systems commissioning
Pre-commissioning of individual equipment
Commissioning of the whole renewable energy generation plant
Testing as specified
Compliance to PPA with regards to testing, commissioning & defect liability
Responsibility to pay back to back liquidated damages with regards to scheduled commercial operations date (SCOD) and performance

2. Other Scope to be Covered by EPCC Integrator and Contractor
Optional O&M costs to be included in the EPCC contract
Warranty – 2 years (standard practice)
Spare parts – 2 years (recommended)
Common & special tools
O&M manual
Technical personnel during Defect Liability Period
Acceptance test of machines
QA/QC requirements

3. Guarantees

Commissioning date guaranteed
Performance guaranteed
Availability guaranteed
Power curve guaranteed

4. Payment Terms and Conditions

Advance against advance payment guarantee
Progress/milestone payment
Retention/Performance bond for the defect liability period

5. General Contract Condition


6. Local authorities’ requirements (No. of drawings, submission / approval)

7. Local contractors participation subject to approval of sponsors
8. Insurances

9. Wind and Sun measurements

Data logger
Communication systems
Data logger

10. Training and Operations Management

At manufacturer’s works
At vendors’ site
At site
11. Owners facilities – Please specify

12. Operation & maintenance contract
Fixed O&M at fixed price lump sum quotation with details
Variable O&M on per KWh basis with detailed scope and services


Daily operation of plant
Maintenance of plant and areas – routine, minor, and major
All common with Purchaser
Keeping records/log books
Technical Assistance
Schedule maintenance
Breakdown maintenance


Back to back guarantees for availability, performance, power curve etc. as per PPA
Responsibility for footing liquidated damages in case of failure to meet guarantees as per PPA

2 years warranty falls under EPCC scope
5 years O&M contract to be signed
Training of operator under EPCC scope
To provide manpower for O&M
Organization chart of O&M team
Offices for O&M team, living quarters, mess, recreational facilities, transport, etc.
Communication facilities