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  • Kenneth integrating high performance photovoltaic grid-tied system on the rooftop of a luxurious condominium at Orchard Road District, Singapore.

  • UTICA SG designs and photovoltaic integrates shipping containers for mining site cabin, crew housing, construction site office and temporary shelters.

  • A home made from steel shipping/freight containers offers a fast, green, and sustainable approach to building. These intermodal steel building units are solar powered integrated in UTICA SG factory controlled environment so they are standardized and reliable.

  • High performance off-grid solar energy system powered by PV batteries.

  • Powerful and superb quality grid-tied photovoltaic energy system on the building rooftop. Our stack array layout is the most optimal panel layout to maximize the solar potential.

  • Swee Chong connecting photovoltaic modules array to inverters.

  • Photovoltaic modules integrated on metal slop roofing.

  • UTICA SG's Solar modules following the sun path.

  • Co-founder of Utica Solar Systems, Mr. Douglas Lee presenting advance BIPV claddings.

  • First solar retail showroom in Singapore.

  • Utica SG promoting the 3000 series photovoltaic MobileGrid systems.

  • Charlie Phang installing solar panels on a dual tracker system. The dual axis trackers allow for optimum solar energy levels due to their ability to follow the sun vertically and horizontally no matter where the sun is in the sky.

  • Utica SG displaying PV MobileGrid 2000 series and light weight 500 series generators.

  • The UTM185 solar system requires no roof penetration, which is ideal for concrete roofs as the fragile waterproof membrane remains intact.

  • The UTICA SG products showroom in Singapore.