Glass BIPV Facade


Electric Generating Glass Panels 

Now, the construction claddings of your next building can pay for itself; generate clean renewable electricity; and help make our world a better place to live in. UTICA® Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) for façade and standing seam roofing are suitable for residential and commercial building customers.

Are you dealing with a project where you intend to incorporate glass claddings, a curtain wall, a ventilated façade or a skylight? Did you know that it is possible to produce free electricity from the Sun while avoiding the emission of tons of CO2 and improving building thermal comfort?

UTICA SG designs and develops building integrated photovoltaic glass panels for different parts of the building’s exterior such as roofs, skylights, windows or façades. The solution is to integrate glass materials with photovoltaic properties for façades and roofs, curtain walls, or skylights.

  • Free electricity production by UTICA™ BIPV
  • Energy savings from insulation systems
  • Elimination of thermal bridges
  • Thermal inner comfort
  • Reduction of acoustic pollution
  • Wall and roof protection
  • Greater energy yield under low irradiation conditions
  • Greater energy yield under high temperature conditions
  • Attractive, aesthetical and innovative design


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