HydroGrid Generator


Hydrokinetic Powered Single-Phase Electric

UTICA® HydroGrid series generation relies simply on the extraction of energy from the natural velocity of water, these micro power generators can be placed into sources of flowing water with minimal infrastructure or environmental impacts.

For thousands of years, people have used the energy produced by moving water to perform tasks such as grinding food grains and sawing wood. The hydroelectric take advantage of a naturally occurring, continuous process that involves the cycling of water through the environment, known as the hydrologic cycle, to convert the potential energy from flowing water into electrical energy.

Micro hydro systems may be built in isolated areas that would be uneconomic to serve from a network, or in areas where there is no national electrical distribution network. Since micro hydro systems usually have minimal reservoirs and civil construction work, they are seen as having a relatively low environmental impact compared to large hydro projects. This decreased environmental impact depends strongly on the balance between stream flow and power production.

Our power management technology is designed for canals, drains, barges, streams and small rivers applications. Powered by vertically submerged horizontal axis turbine blade, the aerodynamically blades optimize to reduce the Flat Dynamic Effect, which results in efficient and high performance producing hydrokinetic turbine system. The end result is a hydropower system with significantly lower capital costs and higher capacity factors.

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  • Overview
    HydroGrid Generator (Hydro turbines made in Japan)

    • Output from 1 kVA to 50 kVA
    • Powerful consistent kinetic energy
    • Durable and efficient
    • Easy and quick to install
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