Social Responsibility

Social responsibility and responsible environmental management is an important concept in the global business. A responsible company is expected to demonstrate its care and respect for its employees, the community and the environment while it builds upon its commercial success.

We are committed to continually improving its performance as a socially responsible company. In any industrial business, the way the product is manufactured and the conduct of operations determine the kind of impact a company has on its employees who work and live near its facilities, and ultimately the product consumer.

We fully appreciates this and in acting in a socially responsible manner, we help ensure that our business maintain the quality of life for those we serve and the areas where we operate.

Social responsibility efforts at UTICA SG is focused upon four key areas: Community Involvement, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Priority, and Product Friendliness.

• Community Involvement ensures that we help sustain the communities that support our facilities and from which we source our employees

• Environmental Protection preserves the quality of life for future generations

• Safety and Health Priority programs are fundamental in ensuring the health and well being of our employees and neighbors Product

• Friendliness reflects our determination to manufacture quality products in a responsible manner and that are free from hazardous compounds