Utica® Solar 125 RV flex FRNC (10m)

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Utica® Solar 125 RV flex FRNC (10m)


Utica® Solar Cable 125 RV flex FRNC (10m)

  • Price:SGD $60.00

Quality guaranteed with 12 months performance warranty. Images are for illustration purposes only. End product may differ from website and brochure.

4mm cable = S$ 1500SGD per 1000MR (meter run)

  • SGD $60.00

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technical details

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  • Electron-beam cross-lonked compounds
  • UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant
  • High trmperatue resistant, the materails do not melt or flow
  • Very long life cycle >25 years at 90℃
  • Compatible to all popular connectors
  • Flexible and space-saving installation

Equipment and Components

Genuine Quality Equipment and Components with Guaranteed Energy Performance

Conductor: Tinned fine copper strands, acc. to VDE 0295 / IEC 60228, class 5
Insulation: XLPO, flame retardant, halogen free, electron-beam cross-linked
Jacket: XLPO, flame retardant, halogen free, electron-beam cross-linked, UV and Ozone Resistant
Jacket Colour: Black
Test Voltage: 6500V, 50 Hz, 5 min

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