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8 August 2014

General corrugated galvanized steel shelters and rooftops can be easily converted into a solar energy power plant.

In order to keep the roof structures’ dead load to a minimum (load calculation is required), UTICA SG designs and customizes lightweight and robust anodized aluminum frames for the solar powered modules.

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2 August 2014

Solar energy perfectly complements emblematic prism rooftops. It is a balance of implementing classic architectural with modern technology.

UTICA SG appreciates and understands exquisite architectural building designs.

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29 July 2014

At the core of every Utica Solar Energy system is the PV inverting system that is efficient, reliable and of high quality. Solar energy is processed here for safe usage and direct connection into the power grid.

The PV inverting system consist of surge and lightning protection devices, fuses, intelligent power processing unit (PPU), DC-AC inverters, ISO KVA transformer, perimeters data logger, moulded case circuit breakers, DC/AC isolators and other essential solar components.

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20 July 2014

We are exhibiting UTICA® Products in BEX Asia 2014 on the 1st to 3rd of September at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

BEX Asia is Southeast Asia’s premier business platform for the sustainable built environment. It provides a one-stop sourcing solution for cutting-edge technologies in building design and architecture for the future of greener communities (refer to BEX Asia website).

For further information, please contact us or write to

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16 July 2014

A Building Integrated Photovoltaic system consists of integrating solar powered modules onto the building surfaces.

Integrating solar powered modules and claddings for architectural buildings require good safety practices, quality workmanship and solar energy expertise.

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9 July 2014

Turn your building rooftop into a beautiful solar garden. It is not only good for the environment it also minimize electricity bill.

Our streamline interlocking solar powered modules fit the exact shape of the roof. With UTICA SG’s customized structures, the modules easily blend with the style and architecture of the building.

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28 June 2014

Consumer empowerment on the grid will stimulate rapid and massive adoption of solar energy for all types of buildings. Electricity delivery will eventually be a highly personalized and highly automated.

UTICA SG believes that the future power grid will be filled with independent solar energy generation (rooftop power plants and façade int

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24 June 2014

High performance solar modules generate more energy over the lifetime of your solar energy system than other modules, which means that over the lifetime of your system, you will generate more electricity and save more money on your power bills.

The black-cells convert the greatest percentage of sunlight into electricity. Utica Solar’s black-cells powered modules deliver 30 percent more power per module than conventional solar modules and up to 20% efficiency

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15 June 2014

A growing number of natural disasters and electricity blackouts in recent years have probably put preparedness on your radar.

Having Douglas Power at your home and business premise will provide the necessity power for your cellular phone, mini radio and LED lights for the evening hours.

UTICA SG has developed an affordable and reli

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3 June 2014

The benefits of private residential solar power are obvious. Energy from our sun is endless and it provides clean power with no greenhouse-gas emissions, and it can save home owners money on their monthly electricity bills.

Utica Solar takes pride in planning, designing and customizing solar energy for all types of building rooftops and façade.

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1 June 2014

Integrating Utica Solar powered modules and a fixed skylight on the roof is getting the best of both worlds.

Rooftop that is able to receive direct natural sunlight and also generate solar energy complements modern architecture perfectly.

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25 May 2014

Solar energy is the best way to enhance your luxury sailboats and yachts. By simply harnessing the power of the sun, you can generate sufficient electricity to enjoy the comforts of the boat’s refrigerator, air conditioning, LED lightings, laptops, TV, stereo, and more.

Integration of solar energy system on boats require the understanding

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