UTICA® Solar Charger Book 50W

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UTICA® Solar Charger Book 50W


UTICA® Solar Charger Book 50W

  • Price:SGD $316.00

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  • SGD $316.00

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technical details

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  • Handy charger for USB charging electronic device
  • Product customization available on specification I power output
  • Compact foldable design, untra thin, suitable for camping, hiking and outdoor activities
  • Two USB outlets with charging indicator. DC output for battery charging available for high power
  • Advance compact laminate with ETFE film, weather resistant, higher transparency, longer life span

Equipment and Components

Genuine quality equipment and components with guaranteed energy performance 

Rated power: 50W
Rated Voltage(Vmp): 18V/5V
Rated Current(Imp): 2.78A/2.1A/2.5A
Folded size: 290 x 370 x 40mm
Unfolded size: 1170 x 370 x 3mm

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