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Renewable Energy Powered UTICA®

Inception since 2008, UTICA SG is a privately held Singapore based renewable energy provider in the production of “Client-Based Electricity” from alternative energy sources such as, solar power, hydroelectric, and wind energy.

UTICA SG is in partnerships with cutting-edge equipment and component specialists that provide UTICA® with technology alongside with their services. We design and produce a range of UTICA® products, such as Douglas XDouglas Power (1210)PV MobileGrid SeriesWind MobileGrid Series, and UTM Solar Power Series that is able to supplement and substitute the national grid’s electricity.

Our company is active in two business segments. The first is made by UTICA® products segment that manufactures portable and user-friendly renewable energy products. Our product portfolio can be found in UTICA® Products. To purchase online, please visit our online store and to view our photos page at facebook.com/UTICASG

  1. The second segment is design and build segment focuses on photovoltaic installation services, such as solar integrated claddings for architectural façade, customizing roof-mounted solar powered systems. We also develop solutions for other alternative energy systems, provide technical support, as well as offers system components and other services, such as maintenance and efficiency enhancement.

    As an TUV ISO 9001, BizSAFE Star and BCA registered company, our expertise in efficient renewable energy will minimize air and water pollution, waste output of CO², methane, and optimize alternative energy for the future. Our utmost priority is to deliver the highest customer service and renewable energy experience. We are committed to providing affordable alternative electricity to public and private entities.

    For further information, please write to us at info@utica.sg or leave us voicemail at +65 6296 7787. Follow us on Twitter, add us on FacebookWeibo, watch our videos on YouTube, or email our website to a friend. We will keep you updated with more information on our latest products and services.


Our mission is to bring renewable energy closer to everyone.

UTICA SG has a mission ‘to bring sustainable renewable energy to everyone’.

This guiding principle shapes the way we do business and places sustainability
at the core of our strategy.

Renewable Electricity and Sustainability is central to our Vision, Mission and Ambitions:

Our Vision‘Be the leading Brand in Renewable Energy Products’.

Our Mission‘To bring high-quality and affordable Renewable Energy Products
to the World’

Our AmbitionsThese represent our balanced view of business success,
focusing on achieving a safety record, delivering strong financial performance,
being first choice for customers, being a leader in sustainability, maintaining
high performing people, and leading the way in renewable energy technologies.

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