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4 March 2021

Solar energy is one of the ways we can try to prevent the detrimental effects of climate change. By reducing our CO2 emissions and releasing fewer pollutants into our atmosphere, we can all do our part to slow down climate change.

We love renewable energy here at UTICA® Singapore and the environmental benefits of solar power are a big part of that and hopefully we have helped you learn a thing or two about the benefits of solar energy systems.

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3 March 2021

UTICA® solar energy system is environmentally friendly and reliable. Our photovoltaic modules are high performance and efficiency of above 18%>. This means that sunlight that hits the solar module isn’t reflected or turned into heat are absorbed by the solar cells and converted into pure electricity.

For more information of everyday solar energy systems, please view at

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5 February 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems beautify your architectural building while keeping the building cooler and generating clean electricity. The roof-mounted photovoltaic modules passively shading the building and also convection air gap of several centimeters between the solar modules and roof allows airflow that helps to reduce the heat gain on your r

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3 February 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems does not require a lot of maintenance. The rain does most of the photovoltaic modules cleaning and as there are no moving parts in the entire PV system, the wear and tear is extremely low. The power inverting system is usually the only equipment that may need to be professionally serviced after the 10th year because o

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29 January 2021

UTICA® rooftop solar energy systems generate pure electricity and increase your savings. Our rooftop is optimized to harness sunlight to generate electricity and fulfil the building’s energy requirements in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

A well planned solar powered rooftop can efficiently generates and supply electricity without us

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22 January 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems not only generate clean electricity it can also protect your roof’s surface from the sun’s harmful rays. The photovoltaic modules act like a shade tree absorbing sunlight that otherwise would be absorbed directly by your rooftop. Additionally, air flows ventilate between the solar modules and the roof, reducing the t

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19 January 2021

UTICA® solar energy system is equipped with the latest “Maximum Power Point Tracking” technology that is able squeeze the most usable solar energy possible out of a string of photovoltaic modules, even when partially cloud shaded or power mismatches, by adjusting the direct current voltage’s frequency to optimize the system’s preferred DC to AC

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10 January 2021

Integrating UTICA® Solar is a natural choice for all types of metal roofing as it enhances the roof’s architectural attractiveness, building’s energy efficiency, rooftop’s additional waterproofing protection and requires little maintenance.

You can find out more of our products and services at:

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8 January 2021

Photovoltaic modules reflect heat that otherwise would have been transferred onto your rooftop. The photovoltaic modules block the sun’s heat from being absorbed by the reinforced concrete roof and eventually into the building and solar modules can easily lower a roof’s surface temperature by about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius.

UTICA® solar ene

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31 December 2020

As solar energy is fast gaining popularity as a source of renewable energy, UTICA® solar energy system is also rapidly becoming more affordable, and many customers are now considering installing photovoltaic modules in their homes or businesses to tap into cheaper and cleaner energy.

Integrating solar powered modules on metal roofs helps

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28 December 2020

The type roof material can have an impact on how easy it is to install high performance photovoltaic modules. In general, solar powered modules can be installed on almost every form of roofing, as long as it is certified structurally sound, and the good news is that all architectural tiled roofs are compatible with UTICA® solar energy systems and making them easier to be integrated with.

For more UTICA® products information, please visit our webstore at:

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4 December 2020

Every rooftop powered by UTICA® solar energy system is a masterpiece of quality and high performance from applying original world-class equipment and components with the latest innovative photovoltaic technology, nothing less.

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