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22 September 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems are easily integrated on to complex architectural shingles, interlocking terracotta, clay and clinker roof tiles.

With our custom-fit roofing hooks, brackets and mounting rails, you are able to install your photovoltaic modules securely beneath the roof tiles without any penetration to the underlying waterproofing membrane sheet or the roof tiles.

Please visit our webstore at for more products information.

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16 September 2021

UTICA® solar energy system generates pure electricity every day of the year, even on raining, hazy and cloudy days it could still produce some power. The solar power can be used for air conditioners, water heaters, lightings for homes and high-rise buildings, and even to charge electric cars too.

Any excess solar power can be either sold/

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8 September 2021

Electricity use is one of the largest source of carbon emissions in the world, as well as one of the costliest expenses for businesses and households.

To improve total efficiency with sustainability, UTICA SG provides shading analysis and solar power generation stimulation to ensure that every UTICA® solar energy system is free from poten

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3 September 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems complement your house’s architecture while converting every day sunlight into pure electricity for all electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and refrigerators.

With our customized do-it-yourself roofing hooks, brackets and mount rails, you are able to integrate the photovoltaic modules securel

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25 August 2021

UTICA® bi-directional solar energy system allows you to store solar power generated from the sunlight via high performance photovoltaic modules. Having a smart and scalable energy storage/ battery system is a great way to control the consumption of renewable energy in the evening or during emergency situations and to increase your total independ

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13 August 2021

UTICA® solar energy systems are designed with high efficiency photovoltaic modules, which the power output is based on the latest p-type half-cut cell monocrystalline and PERC technology.

Our solar energy systems provide high power density for various types of rooftop applications, especially sophisticated pitched architectural standing s

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6 August 2021
Façade mounted photovoltaic modules array may not be the first choice, but when a rooftop is fully utilized, it is the next best decent option.

With UTICA® solar energy systems, you

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5 August 2021

The climate change and rising temperature of our planet have made it imperative for us to explore and utilize an effective source of renewable energy. UTICA® solar energy systems have high performance photovoltaic modules to generate clean electricity, thus makes a significant contribution towards reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that the

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30 July 2021

There is no better way to become eco-friendly than to invest in UTICA® solar energy systems. The benefits for going solar are much deeper than any environmentally activities. Once installed, our solar energy system costs almost nothing to run. All of its fuel to generate electricity is drawn from the sunlight and that means free energy and savin

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23 July 2021

In recent years, more homeowners have installed UTICA® solar energy systems. This is due to the relatively recent affordability of photovoltaic technology and an ever growing focus on the energy-efficiency and environmental benefits of harnessing solar power within the home and office.

If you are interested in learning more about home or office solar and how you can start generating your own solar electricity, please visit our webstore at

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20 July 2021

UTICA® MobileGrid solar generators do not necessarily have to be deployed on the rooftop or ground. Our solar energy systems can also be securely mounted on platforms that float on bodies of water, such as reservoirs, ponds, lakes, and sometimes if conditions are right, on the surfaces of open seas too.

Visit our webstore at to discover the right products and services for your business or personal renewable energy requirements.

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16 July 2021

We are happy that more and more people are using UTICA® solar energy systems and investing in other green solutions too. The large amounts of CO2 emissions from today’s fossil energy production have drastic and irreversible consequences for both our climate and public health. Solar power is now more affordable than ever and there are many benefits to using solar electricity.

Please check out our technical supported Do-it-Yourself solar products at

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