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1 July 2020

Metal double-lock standing seam roofing is growing in popularity due to its superior weather tight qualities and sleek modern look.

One of the best parts about standing seam roof is the option to mount photovoltaic modules, without ever having to penetrate any holes on the roof’s surface. For more information about UTICA® solar energy systems and solar accessories, please visit our webstore at:

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27 June 2020

UTICA® solar energy systems can be installed on many roof types and one of the most common type in Singapore is the terracotta tiled roof.

Without penetration to the roof tiles, hook metal brackets are inserted and secured into the roof’s rafters and railing structures are mounted on the brackets leaving a clear ventilated space between t

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24 June 2020

A panoramic view of a stylish house that is powered by UTICA® solar energy system. The reinforced concrete roof and tiled roof is both equipped with high performance photovoltaic modules, which not only generate electricity for the house it also ventilate and reduce roof surface heat.

To discover more about our portfolios of products, please view:

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23 June 2020

If you want photovoltaic modules, but for some reason don’t want them on your main rooftop, you may seek to install it on your carpark’s shelter instead. Also if you have an electric car, you can join the many other people who shade their cars with the very same roof shelter that also generates solar electricity to charge it.

Please visit UTICA® webstore for more products information:

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18 June 2020

With the latest high efficiency photovoltaic modules, you can end your total dependence on conventional grid power and become an independent solar electricity producer.

UTICA® solar energy system for patio shelter is an effective way to reduce your electricity costs and move towards sustainable energy sources, while adding an additional shade to cool your home.

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15 June 2020

UTICA® solar energy system beautifies your existing roof and brings it to life. With our professional photovoltaic modules, you can power your high-rise building or house for decades from the electricity you produce.

Order your solar energy system from our webstore today and we will take care of the rest. Our technical team w

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22 April 2020

Please take a moment to see what is new at our webshop:®-UTX-300-Solar-Socket-System

The UTICA® UTX-300 micro socket solar is a Do-It-Yourself single photovoltaic panel system that is specially designed for private apartment owners and dwelling HDB consumers. It helps to reduce your home’s daily daytime electr

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8 April 2020

Dear Valued Customers and Friends,

Just to share, we have launched our online store’s self-collection kiosk at Jalan Besar Plaza, 101 Kitchener Road 01-22, Singapore 208511. Please visit our E-Store at for innovative and affordable solar products. We also provide free local delivery on request.

Happy Solar Shopping and Stay Safe!

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21 March 2020

UTICA® solar energy system has numerous benefits for building owners looking to keep their electricity bills low and to tap into renewable source for daily usage. Integrating photovoltaic modules for standing seam metal roofing is a powerful combination of roof durability and longevity, building energy efficiency, and most-importantly value for money.

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13 March 2020

UTICA® solar energy systems don’t just power your air-conditioning on extreme hot days, it also cools the building’s rooftop. This lowers cooling costs, and offers an additional benefit of going solar.

As solar doesn’t just save money by generating emissions-free electricity, it also saves money by increasing a building’s total energy efficiency.

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8 March 2020

Modernize your clay tiled rooftop by integrating and optimizing UTICA® solar energy system and you will be generating your own affordable electricity. Photovoltaic modules on clay tiled roofing is a beautiful way to enhance the appearance of your house while providing long-lasting protection against the weather and helps make your home more energy efficient.

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3 March 2020

Photovoltaic modules complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into everyday electricity and reducing utilities expense.

With the latest UTICA® solar bi-directional system, you are able to be connected into the power grid and energy storage unit simultaneously. The solar power collected in the solar batteries during the day is stored and made available on demand any time, effectively turning your home energy independent.

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