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6 October 2019

In order to maximise solar energy output from a single multiple roof surface, UTICA SG applies PV string maximum power tracker. The system is managed by a DC powered electronics controller that optimises series connected or individual solar powered module’s peak performance.

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19 September 2019

UTICA® solar energy systems provide additional roof shade, aesthetic and also help achieve energy independence for the building itself.

Our professional photovoltaic modules are made from low reflection, high spectrum transmissivity tempered glass and the underlying are high-performance advance crystalline silicon cut-cells that are designed to produce renewable energy for over 30 years.

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12 September 2019

UTICA SG custom designed and built solar energy system for your energy needs or based on roof space availability. As definitely not a one-size-fits-all solution, our customized PV system can be as small or large; furthermore, we also offer predesigned plug & play UTICA® products for easy do-it-yourself installation with free technical support from our solar professionals.

You can visit our E-Store for UTICA® products and services

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4 September 2019

Solar energy is powerful, cost-effective, sustainable source of energy that can be deployed at utility-scale projects as well as on individual rooftops. It is the most consistent and reliable source of electricity that is crucial in meeting our climate change goals.

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22 August 2019

UTICA SG designs and integrates professional photovoltaic modules on carpark shelter and backyard canopy. UTICA® solar energy system generates pure electricity to pay for itself, cutting down monthly electricity bill and conserving our natural environment.

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31 July 2019

UTICA SG designs and produces UTICA® solar energy systems specifically for residential and project’s electricity needs.

Our professional in-house team will look at the past electricity usage and conduct a site and roof survey to make sure that the specified product is optimized for the building. Before systems integration, clients will have a chance to review and approve the PV system design.

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26 July 2019

Professional photovoltaic modules are extremely durable and can last for over 30 years, which is part of what makes them such a wonderful investment for a building.

Building’s rooftops that are integrated with UTICA® solar energy systems will benefit from a premium when they are sold because buyers are willing to pay more for a building that is generating its own electricity and environment-friendly.

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25 July 2019

UTICA® solar energy systems are ideal to prevent the sun’s heat from penetrating directly to the roof. Our thermal clamps and structures act as a radiant heat barrier and allows ventilation between the photovoltaic modules and roof’s surface.

A cooler roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight, absorb less heat than a standard roofing and help saves electricity by using less air conditioning.

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22 July 2019

UTICA® solar energy system being optimized on a rooftop.

The more sunlight that the photovoltaic modules receives, the better the generation of solar electricity as the sun provides a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable renewable energy making your home eco-friendly and reducing our carbon footprint.

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20 July 2019

Roof owners can optimize the potential space on their rooftop to generate free electricity from the Sun. Since the long-term cost of electricity from solar energy systems are significantly lower than buying electricity from the utility grid, many owners of rooftops are generating their own electricity.

UTICA SG transforms ordinary rooftops into eco-friendly solar electricity generator. UTICA® solar powered rooftops are cool, viable and sustainable.

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17 July 2019

Replacing fossil fuels as an energy source with renewable energy is the most important action we all can take to address the impacts of climate change on our beautiful planet.

UTICA® solar energy systems offer a safe, reliable and affordable way to achieve massive decarbonisation and to save on electricity bills.

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11 July 2019

The benefits of UTICA® solar energy system for residential homes are obvious. Energy from our sun is endless and it provides clean power with no greenhouse-gas emissions, and it can save home owners money on their monthly electricity bills.

UTICA SG takes pride in high-quality products and service support to ensure that our customers are happy.

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