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14 January 2014

Integrating solar energy architectural has to be properly planned right from the infrastructure works. Every curve and pitch of the roof surface has to be professionally studied for optimal efficiency and aesthetic – it has to perform as well as it looks.

In progress photo shot of plinths casting, UTICA SG’s up-and-coming 200kWp emblematic building in Orchard Road District, Singapore.

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19 December 2013

The Suns position in the sky varies throughout the year and over each day. For best efficiency, the solar modules should be aligned consistently in series of strings throughout following the tilt angle of the pitched roof.

Utica Solar emphasize on solar modules alignment for both aesthetic and system generation performance.

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23 November 2013

Lightning strikes are common cause of failures in photovoltaic/ solar energy systems. A damaging power surge can occur from direct lightning strike or near distance from the renewable energy system. Most lightning damage is preventable.

UTICA® Surge Protection Device is designed to divert voltage spikes caused by lightning storms and effe

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25 October 2013

Our retail outlets in Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia have ready stocks of good prices and premium quality solar panels, UTICA® system components and PV inverters. Please email your enquiry to

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19 August 2013

First go thru the solar commissioning checklist, next turn the PV inverting system on; have sun and start making electricity from solar power!
Commissioning may seem like an unnecessarily time-consuming and complex exercise, but it is a critical part of a well-installed Utica Solar System.

Also commissioning is a way to formalize quality control of installed components and equipment. The process ensures that systems are safe and high performing.

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2 August 2013

Almost every residential and commercial rooftop in Singapore could have solar panels integrated within the next five years.

Solar PV in the future will be a common reality. From an economic standpoint alone solar will be the most affordable form of alternative power in large parts of the world within a few years, couple that with the environmental benefits and the associated corporate social responsibility and the switch to solar energy will be a no-brainer.

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30 July 2013

Professional Solar/PV installer and integrator. Managing Directors: Mr. Phang, Mr. Chee, Mr. Ong and Mr. AQ.

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30 July 2013

Domestic PV inverting system completed and integrated by Utica Solar

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20 July 2013

The increasing ecological footprint deficit is primarily driven by the increasing rate of Greenhouse Gas emissions caused by pollution activities.

Utica Solar’s “Zero Emission House” will significantly reduce power grid electricity consumption, which are practical and technically feasible.

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9 July 2013

Solar powered modules completed and integrated by Utica Solar

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