UTICA® Douglas X

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UTICA® Douglas X


UTICA® Douglas X

  • Price:SGD $3,800.00

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  • SGD $3,800.00

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About This Product

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  • Power the tools such as hand or drill and cutting machine during Fieldwork and Emergency rescue
  • Be used as a standby power  in case the house’s power fails
  • Compact designed with small size but high power
  • Drawer type design of the solar panels
  • Easy to move by the 4 Omini-directional wheels
  • Easy to handle by the straining beam,it’s light and practical
  • To meet the requirements of various appliances by kinds of outputs

Equipment and Components

Genuine quality equipment and components with guaranteed energy performance

Solar Panel: 100Wp (20Wp x 5)
Lithium Battery Capacity: 65Ah
Controller: 20A
Voltage: 12V
AC Output: 220V
Size: 360 x 510 x 40.5mm
Weight: 35.5kg

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