UTICA® Douglas Power 1210

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UTICA® Douglas Power 1210


UTICA® Douglas Power 1210

  • Price:SGD $499.00

A growing number of natural disasters and electricity blackouts in recent years have probably put preparedness on your radar.

Having Douglas Power at your home and business premise the necessity power for your cellular phone, mini radio and LED lights for the evening hours.

Quality guaranteed with 12 months performance warranty. Images are for illustration purposes only. End product may differ from website and brochure.

  • SGD $499.00

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About This Product

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  • High quality solar panel, solar cells made in Germany
  • Low power consumption, high brightness and long life LEDs lamp
  • Removable hook, convenient to hang up the LEDs lamp
  • Angel-adjustable mounting bracket at back of the panel
  • Deep cycle VRLA battery
  • Charger your cell phone and ipad anytime

Equipment and Components

Genuine quality equipment and components with guaranteed energy performance

System Voltage: 12V
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Solar Panel Maximum Power@STC*: 10wp
Solar Panel Optimum Operating Voltage: 18V
Solar Panel Size: 360 x 245 x 9mm
Solar Panel Weight: 1.2kg
LED Lamp Output Power: 1.0W
Autonomous Run Time (full battery): 16 hours
Lighting Hours Per Solar Day**(PV only): 9 hours

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